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Dr. Kyle Purvis, DMD, Bridge Street Dental Center, New Cumberland, PA

Dental sealants are a preventive dental treatment that helps protect the teeth from decay. They are thin, protective coatings made of a tooth-colored resin that are applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, where decay is most likely to occur.

The application of dental sealants is a quick and painless process. The teeth are thoroughly cleaned and dried before the sealant material is painted onto the grooves and pits of the teeth. A special curing light is then used to harden the sealant, forming a protective barrier that acts as a shield against bacteria and food particles.

Dental sealants are especially beneficial for children and teenagers, as they can significantly reduce the risk of developing cavities in the molars and premolars. However, adults can also benefit from sealants, especially if they have deep grooves or a history of tooth decay.

At Bridge Street Dental Center, we offer dental sealants as part of our preventive dental care services. Our dental professionals recommend sealants as an effective way to safeguard the teeth and prevent cavities. Contact us to schedule an appointment and discuss how dental sealants can help protect your smile.

Dr. Kyle Purvis, DMD, Bridge Street Dental Center, New Cumberland, PA

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